3 values and impact

Recently came across a list of 50 questions in Inc. magazine that were so good I cut-n-pasted them for archive for future use with my client work and my syndicated blog.

 I sincerely hope that you enjoy answering these questions for yourself as much as I did!

Thought I'd take a moment or two this evening to sample one of the questions with you. In quiet repose, please be honest with yourself in answering these questions! Perhaps you'll discover a lot about yourself that can lead to meaningful change in your life. 

Q. What are my top 3 values and how do they apply to my business?

A. For me, I suppose my top 3 are a.) continuous self-improvement, b.) empowering & igniting the passion again in others, c.) enthusiastic, energetic, tenacious, competitor "in the arena." If I had a bonus pick, d.) it would probably be hard work. As I have said before, I've come across a lot of people in life that are way smarter than me. But you know what they can't do? They can't outwork me!

How do I apply these particular values in my VISTAGE practice? Well, for starters, I'm pretty selective on who I recruit. If I believe that you're not coachable and have already figured this thing out, you don't need me or a peer group. As a result, my groups are always focused on getting better. In general, what we should start doing to improve; what we should stop doing that isn't adding value. That sort of thing. Second, to lead, you must have followers. Wasn't it Zig Ziglar who said "You can have everything in life you want, if you'll just help other people get what they want." Lastly, I believe those words in c.) above describe my essence. Taken together with my bonus pick d.) "Clear Eyes, Full Heart, You Can't Lose."

Enough about me. What about you?

PS Thanks for all your wonderful feedback on my recent blog on the "Why I Work for Myself" topic! I'm thrilled.