VISTAGE Triangle CEO community

We’re birthing the VISTAGE Triangle baby.

Summer hiatus

Regular subscribers’ to my blog noticed that I haven’t posted in a while.

I appreciate your patience with me. I am sorry for the delay in re-connecting.

Welcome back

To you— my faithful readers. During my hiatus, several of you mentioned that  you miss my blog. Thank you!

I’m often asked about my blogging intentions moving forward.

I will be publishing fresh relevant content 3X a week (please hold me accountable) centered, aligned and correlated with four (4) core “hub themes” on my VISTAGE Triangle website design (see below):. Our new website hub themes are better insights; better leaders; better decisions and better results. These hub themes align nicely with the last station in my life as a VISTAGE Chair.

A little “inside baseball” is appropriate here. I want my VISTAGE Triangle website to be my hub for all things “digital” as well as a place to curate content. The better I index new content, the more likely it is to be found by my online community.

Naturally, I want my content to be unique, relevant, timely and accretive. When I accomplish those objectives people seek it out! In short, I’m likely to comment on most anything that comes my way!

As always, I sincerely appreciate your patronage of my VISTAGE and WINGMAN practice and my blog.

Migrating my blog platform from Typepad to WordPress

Some more inside baseball.

I’ve written and archived my blog posts for several years using Typepad.

A couple of my “virtual mentors” Seth Godin and Michael Hyatt switched to WordPress years ago. In addition to being “early adopters”, they’re both extraordinarily gifted bloggers and mentors. Initially, I was a little slow on the draw yet I finally took the visual cue from both of them. If I get a fraction of their respective readership, I’d be delighted.

This decision motivated by a.) integrating the experience between my blog and digital assets including my website and social media, b) more robust and visually pleasing reader experience through WordPress, c.) WordPress is not proprietary and is open-sourced.

Thus far, I’m very comfortable with this decision. I like to experiment with new platform capabilities and appreciate your patience while I learn and work out the kinks on the fly.

By the way, I syndicate my message content cross-platform using FeedBlitz. For the time being, it will remain so.

If you like what you see, I would encourage you to be a copycat.

New VISTAGE Triangle website

I’d like to introduce you to my new WordPress website (we’re still a work in progress and we’re getting there) which can be found through typing any of the following domains:,,  and,

So there you have it. Birthing the Vistage Triangle baby.

Please take a look and tell me what you think!