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​"Jim consistently provides thoughtful leadership with care, compassion and respects diversity of opinion. Jim is an outstanding Chair!"

Dave F., Trainer

Coach, M.A. Organizational Leadership

Jim is an expert at analyzing complex business challenges and providing valuable suggestions based on a vast depth of expertise and experience. His genuineness and desire to help comes across in all that he does.

Brett Miller
President, CSPreston

How to Get Unstuck: Jim Sexton

What members have to say about Jim:

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Conversations of discovery create new ways of thinking, new perspectives, and new solutions.

Learn how the peer group process works and the questions you may want to answer here.

Join key executives who are committed to becoming extraordinary leaders - and helping you achieve the same.

See how you can benefit from joining my Key Peer group here.

Need help seeing where you or your for-profit company may be stuck?

Download a pdf of 9 'Stucks' to help you get unstuck here.

Do you lead a not-for-profit (NFP) organization in the Triangle? Experience Vistage in a way designed specifically for non-profit business leaders.

Check out Beacon here.

Are you or your not-for-profit company stuck? Here are the top 7 places you may be stuck.

Download a pdf of 7 'Stucks' to help you get unstuck here.

Here are the top 10 reasons people choose not to join Vistage. Learn what people are saying when asked to join.

Download the 10 reasons here.

You're The Boss
The Art of Running a Small Business

Why I Decided to Join Vistage: MP Mueller

An article on why Author and President of Mueller Marketing, MP Mueller, decided to join Vistage after realizing her company needed to grow. >> Read the article here.

MP Mueller is the founder of Door Number 3, a boutique advertising agency in Austin, TX, which she sold in 2016.

It's not Quite as Lonely at the Top
by: MP Mueller

A follow-up article on how Author and President of Mueller Marketing, MP Mueller, discovered the benefits of joining a Chief Executive group at Vistage. Although she initially questioned whether the meetings were worthwhile, she gained so much more in the end and realized it's not quite as lonely at the top.

Read the article here.

Are you the right fit for Vistage Triangle Beacon?

The Peer-Group Success Factor: Pam Jung

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