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The Lincoln Plan and the tapeworm

No doubt by now you've heard about the consortium of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase planning to form an independent company to reduce their employee health-care costs (EDITORS NOTE: won't be long now when larger employers will see merit in hiring their own company doc once they get over the tri-fear of liability, hospitalization and catastrophic care hurdle (sorta like the old school nurse program when I was a kid).

Naturally, health care, pharmacy and drug distribution stocks quaked in their boots following the announcement of the plan. Assuming that some version of the plan evolves, disintermediation in the channel is in all probability at risk going forward

The three (3) companies spearheading the effort dubbed it code name "The Lincoln Plan" hoping to rid the system of profit-making incentive, "friction" and constraints built into the existing health care system. Naturally, technology will play a significant role in the proposed solution. In all probability, I suspect that we will see online access to physicians who can diagnose/prescribe (which will cover 90% of the typical throughput in the system today).

"The ballooning costs of healthcare act as a hungry tapeworm on the American economy," Warren Buffett said. "Putting our collective resources behind the country's best talent can, in time, check the rise in health costs while concurrently enhancing patient satisfaction and outcomes."

Maybe business and the CEOs that lead them can help the politicians with a solution to this age-old challenge. What I personally love about this possibility is the collaboration of American business to solve a problem. Take it out of the hands of the politicians. After we fix this, let's let business address our broken education system. I don't know a CEO who presently holds a favorable opinion of the American education system.

Watch this health care possibility evolve and keep your fingers crossed that the idea gets legs.

Amazon, Google Chrome extension and “Keepa”

If you are an Amazon shopper, (and let's face it, by now, many of your are) please pay very close attention (and HT="hat tip" to the WSJ for making me aware of this capability) to today's blog. As a certified data aggregator, I'm pleased to pass this "nugget" along to my readership.

Seems there is an app called Keepa. Keepa is an "extension" that you can download for use on the Firefox and Google Chrome browser. Once installed, open the app (located in the upper RH corner of your web browser.)

You'll be greeted by a powerful dashboard showing the "hot items"—big recent price reductions, etc. based on the filters that YOU set. Some very powerful capabilities that you might not be aware of.

Say for example—you're in the market for incontinent underwear, an HDTV indoor antenna, Special K or the trifecta. Once Keepa is loaded, pull up the app and type "incontinent underwear" or "HDTV indoor antenna" or "Special K" into the search box. Brand specific or brand agnostic— doesn't matter. NOTE: Well, it does matter when you type in Special K.

Side-by-side comparisons populate the screen!

365 day historical trendline. New/used pricing. Compare online with eBay.

EDITORS NOTE: Use Keepa as a pricing tool. Competing on price alone is indeed a race to the bottom. Hey Jim, thanks for the nugget. With this new found awareness, what do you do with it?

Together with your sales and marketing team, and only if you need to, work on your value prop and competitive positioning. If price is your only selection criteria in selecting a merchant or vendor, the Keepa tool is a great data aggregator that accelerates price trends on consumer items (and soon B2B) and current pricing for the discerning shopper. If you can wait, type in an alert for the item that you are looking for.

The conversation is the relationship—changing our world by changing ourselves—what are you thinking?