Is it time to consider a re-organization?

Is it time to consider a re-organization?

11 reasons for REORG:

1.) Maybe you have quit growing the business. As a result your business is stale, stuck or stagnant,

2.) Maybe you have a “seller/doer” model and you’re doing more doing than selling, or selling more than doing,

3.) Never have time to even think about working ON the business as I’m always knee deep in the weeds working IN the business,

4.) Next year’s strategy meeting got crowded by day-to-day,

5.) Frankly, I don’t like to admit it, and I’m a bit of a control freak and I struggle to let go; possible re-organization takes me out of my comfort zone,

6.) I try to delegate and Jim reminds me “delegate does not mean abdicate”,

7.) We lack consistent business processes and as a result, my staff is reluctant to come to me directly with issues and they don’t have anyone else to go to; we often times experience “scope creep”,

8.) We have many suggestions on how to improve our brand and marketing, no n house resources and no one we can turn to help with that,

9.) I’m not sure my son (s) (daughter(s))  have what it takes to run this business; it is clear I don’t really have a #2 (if something were to happen to me)

10.) When we were small and nimble, everybody pitched a hand and wore multiple hats. That was fun! We reached our breaking point last year when the owner jumped in on customer calls!

11.) What got us here most certainly won’t get us there.

Maybe it is time to consider a re-organization. These 11 reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. What are your reasons that you’re putting off a re-organization?