Gamechanger “Xofluza” for the dreaded flu

In case you missed it, let’s talk briefly about a game changer “Xofluza” for the dreaded flu.

Please consider this my version of a public service announcement.

Unpacking Xofluza

If you have a moment and wish to indulge further, let’s briefly unpack this.

By now, you may know that I’m still an advocate of getting a flu shot. From conversation, I know many of you are still holdouts. I understand! Personally, I hate the flu! Don’t we all? More than that, I don’t ever want to be a carrier and “spread the wealth.”

You may recall that last year, flu incidence was reduced by 40% as a result of those folks getting the flu vaccine.

Stated differently, last year’s vaccine missed the mark! As a result, the vaccine offered little resistance to even the most common strain. Thus, a bit of a hit or miss affair. Millions were infected and 80,000 people died according to the Center for Disease Control or CDC. Frankly, when we miss the mark, it reduces the argument to get a flu shot in the first place.

Thus far this year, this year’s flu vaccine out the gate looks to be a better match to circulating viruses. Maybe the law of averages kicking in!

By now, many of you may be familiar with the old back-up plan called Tamiflu. If infected with the flu, and as long as you address within 48 hours of displaying flu-like symptoms, Tamiflu promises reduced severity and duration.  For those not aware, basically 2X daily tablet dosing for 5X consecutive days.

“Xofluza” for the dreaded flu

Now, according to Healthline, our Japanese partners have developed Xofluza. Xofluza blocks the flu from replicating. Again in this instance, it is important within 48 hours of displaying symptoms. Further, it acts with a single dose not 2X per day for 5 days as Tamiflu previously described. Works very well on Type A strains; the efficacy of Xofluza against Type B strains lesser known.

Keep this in mind as we go forward.