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Is it time to consider a re-organization?

Is it time to consider a re-organization?

11 reasons for REORG:

1.) Maybe you have quit growing the business. As a result your business is stale, stuck or stagnant,

2.) Maybe you have a “seller/doer” model and you’re doing more doing than selling, or selling more than doing,

3.) Never have time to even think about working ON the business as I’m always knee deep in the weeds working IN the business,

4.) Next year’s strategy meeting got crowded by day-to-day,

5.) Frankly, I don’t like to admit it, and I’m a bit of a control freak and I struggle to let go; possible re-organization takes me out of my comfort zone,

6.) I try to delegate and Jim reminds me “delegate does not mean abdicate”,

7.) We lack consistent business processes and as a result, my staff is reluctant to come to me directly with issues and they don’t have anyone else to go to; we often times experience “scope creep”,

8.) We have many suggestions on how to improve our brand and marketing, no n house resources and no one we can turn to help with that,

9.) I’m not sure my son (s) (daughter(s))  have what it takes to run this business; it is clear I don’t really have a #2 (if something were to happen to me)

10.) When we were small and nimble, everybody pitched a hand and wore multiple hats. That was fun! We reached our breaking point last year when the owner jumped in on customer calls!

11.) What got us here most certainly won’t get us there.

Maybe it is time to consider a re-organization. These 11 reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. What are your reasons that you’re putting off a re-organization?




Finding your ideal Career Coach

By chance, are you looking to find your ideal Career Coach? I saw a recent article in Financial Management on the topic. This triggered a thought.


Over the years, I’ve reminded many colleagues that the best investment that I’ve made in my company and in my career is in myself. I don’t ever confuse this with the behavior of “leaders eating last.” That is a different premise entirely.

As the article points out, a Career Coach can help create a personalized plan to achieve the goals of your work life. That said, career coaches aren’t therapists! They aren’t qualified or experienced to intervene or opine on emotional, mental or psychological issues. The right Career Coach should provide unbiased perspective (they should have your success and well being firmly at the center of the relationship). Further, they should identify challenges, roadblocks and/or blind spots that might stymie your progress towards your career objectives.

As I have noted many times in my blog, I’ve had the great pleasure of serving under some great Coaches in my life.

Going back to when I was a CEO, I’ve always had a Career Coach. They have been particularly helpful when I’ve experienced “the dip”; unfulfilling moments in my life or career or to take action to change direction.

Here are a few “triggers” that might help you if you are thinking about a Career Coach:

  1. Malaise: Apathy and anxiety are two sure signs you could use a Coach. If you’re having trouble getting out of bed it might be a very good time to have a discovery call with a Career Coach.

  2. Unfulfilled ambition: Ideally, you approach a Coach when you’re doing well and you want to get to the next level. Put together an action plan on how best to proceed. This conversation may accelerate your desired outcome. Re-focus, re-evaluate and set new goals for yourself.

  3. Entitlement or complacency: Sometimes we think we’re better than we are. A good Coach helps me identify those feelings, sorts them out and defines and maps my unique abilities to career acceleration.

  4. Anger: I’ve had times when my anger has gotten the best of me. Shoot, we all do! When that happens, it is helpful to re-route those feeling quickly and get them channeled in the right direction.

  5. Stale, stuck or stagnant? Sometime a “clarity break” with an independent career coach can be just the tonic for the situation.

Maybe you have a friend, colleague or contemporary who could use some a coaches clarifying conversation?



Small Business Group

Vistage Small Business

Running a small business, you face complex issues every day. Your resources are stretched, competition is fierce and new challenges persist.

The Vistage Small Business Program gives you a forum to rise above the urgent and focus on what's most critical: the tough, strategic decisions that will drive your business forward.

Vistage member 3

The challenges small business leaders face are anything but small.

Designed for the challenges of small business owners.



You currently make all decisions on your own and worry you may be missing something.

Get unbiased, confidential advice from a group of your peers who have faced similar challenges.

You occupy so many roles in the company that you’re in danger of burnout.

Learn from seasoned executives how to create work-life balance by putting leadership and processes in place for seamless operations.

You're mired in day-to-day business operations and haven’t been able to stay ahead of trends.

Connect directly with experts for personalized advice to help you focus on the strategic decisions that will lead to long-term growth.

You haven’t been able to secure necessary resources to fuel growth.

Gain fresh perspectives and insights from other entrepreneurs on how they’ve successfully financed their companies’ growth.

How Vistage Works

Confidential peer advisory boards

  • Work on your most pressing issues with an exclusive group of 12-16 chief executives from non-competing industries.
  • Process issues in sessions led by a highly trained executive coach

Private executive coaching

  • Receive one-to-one coaching from an accomplished business leader.
  • Get personalized guidance to navigate challenges and opportunities.

World-class speakers and events

  • Learn from experts at your advisory board meetings, regional events and boot camps.
  • Activate new ideas for business growth and personal development.

Specialized networks and communities

  • Join online and in-person communities organized by industry, function or geography.
  • Receive high-value answers to tactical questions.

Small Business Program

Peer Advisory Board Meetings

8 half-day and 4 full-day meetings per year

Private Executive Coaching

12 sessions per year, up to 2 hours each

World-class Speakers

Up to 4 speakers per year

Online Community

24/7 access to 21,000+ members across 20 countries

Aside from deciding to start a new company, joining Vistage is the single best business decision I have ever made — hands down. As a small, high growth company, I needed a board of advisors with more business experience than I had. My Vistage group is ideal in that capacity."

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David Gracey,
President, Network 1 Consulting

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