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Jim Sexton

Jim is a serial entrepreneur & business owner with over 25 years experience leading B2B, B2C & B2G companies in exponentially growing top-line organic revenue. Jim recognized early on that you win with people and business is 1% strategy and 99% execution. Specialties include:

  • Entrepreneurial mentoring to second stage companies
  • Corporate turnarounds
  • Cost and infrastructure management
  • Strategic marketing and rainmaking customer acquisition campaigns
  • Monetizing intellectual property
  • Organizational optimization & alignment
  • Gestalt coaching
  • Transformational team building & leadership

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"Jim consistently provides thoughtful leadership with care, compassion and respects diversity of opinion. Jim is an outstanding Chair!"
- Dave F. / Trainer, Coach M.A. Organizational Leadership
"Jim is an expert at analyzing complex business challenges and providing valuable suggestions based on a vast depth of expertise and experience. His genuineness and desire to help comes across in all that he does."
- Brett Miller / President, CSPreston
"Jim transitioned our work flow from a strong management controlled work structure to one that made the group accountable for their actions. I would highly recommend Jim to any company. He is a great mentor."
- Joy Neva / Owner, The Creative Identity Print Shop and Design Center
"Jim has created an atmosphere and an environment where we feel safe, where we feel secure that we can open up with what we're talking about."
- Cliff Rogers / CEO, The Rogers Group

VISTAGE Chair: Jim Sexton

Raleigh, NC
(919) 302-1719

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