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(However, membership will transform your life!)

Some high potential candidates raise obstacles rather than apply for VISTAGE membership. We've cataloged ten top reasons.

Reason 1

"I can't make the time."
You think your time is precious?
We all have 168 hours a week. The real question here is how you choose to spend your time. Members are routinely cited as some of the most productive people on the planet. They're conscious of where they spend their time.

Within 45-60 days, VISTAGE ""nets" time. You'll spend less time doing other people's work & devote more time to the most important relationships in your life.

Reason 2

"I need to wait until I get over the hump."
There are always more humps or speed bumps in life, aren't there? Humping a week ago, 6 weeks ago, 6 months ago? YES, of course!

VISTAGE members tell us they wished they joined 12-18 months earlier.

Reason 3

"I'm too busy IN my business."
VISTAGE members tell us that spending time "ON" their business (rather than "IN" their business) with a group of peers makes them feel more effective LEADERS.

VISTAGE members tell us that within a few months, they're accomplishing more in less time.

Reason 4

"I can't afford VISTAGE."
What is your budget for your own personal development? Surely not zero. If you're sincerely interested in growing personally & professionally, VISTAGE might be your best alternative.

The best ROI for your company & your career is in yourself. Spend it wisely.

Reason 5

"You don't understand. We have no cash. We're on the verge of bankruptcy."
Oh boy, I'm sorry! Frankly we have no compelling rebuttal for that one. If it would be helpful, some of our VISTAGE Chairs excel at turnarounds. Maybe a brief chat?

VISTAGE members need to have the financial wherewithal to fund productive change.

Reason 6

"I already participate in a peer group."
Is your present peer group highly functioning? Does it work for you? Does your group have a professional trained facilitator?

VISTAGE Chairs receive hundreds of hours of leadership training each year. Leadership can be learned; you're not born with it.

Reason 7

"I already have an executive coach."
Wonderful! All good CEOs aspiring to be GREAT CEOs have a Coach. Can I suggest "kicking it up a notch" by having your peers additionally hold you accountable? Walk along side others?

Peer accountability & coloration simply AMPLIFIES the leadership experience.

Reason 8

"I have a Board."
Yep, most of our members do also. Additionally, we have friends and business associates, your spouse or significant & buddies. No shortage of advice is there? And typically, their advice has an agenda (not yours.)

Our highest performing members listen hard at what they hear at a VISTAGE meeting.

Reason 9

"I can't trust other people with my secrets."
Are you a lone ranger? Living a lonely life? Really? Human beings weren't designed to be islands to themselves.

VISTAGE members tells us that iron sharpens iron. You'll learn fundamental lessons from every member in the group.

Reason 10

"I can't possibly learn from other people."
That again? For sure, empirically we know that you'll need to trust yourself before you can trust others.

You'll leave here knowing what stories are yours to tell and what stories are not.

"HT" to fellow VISTAGE Chair Artie Isaac (Columbus, OH) for the inspiration.

If you're ready to get started with us, you can reach me here.

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