Jim Sexton

Jim is a Vistage CEO Peer Group Chair serving top executives throughout the Raleigh Triangle Area.

"Jim transitioned our work flow from a strong management controlled work structure to one that made the group accountable for their actions. I would highly recommend Jim to any company. He is a great mentor."- Joy Neva, Owner, The Creative Identity Print Shop and Design Center
“Jim has created an atmosphere and an environment where we feel safe, where we feel secure that we can open up with what we’re talking about” - Cliff Rogers - CEO, The Rogers Group

Better Insights

Some answers you just can’t Google. Vistage connects you to salient, trustworthy and applicable insights and resources. It starts with new perspectives from your confidential advisory board of high-caliber business leaders. It continues with research containing the latest data-driven, actionable insights on topics that matter to you.

Better Leaders

The demands of executive leadership evolve as your company grows and new challenges arise. Vistage helps you identify new skills, competencies and training you may need as an effective decision-maker.

Better Decisions

When your livelihood, the lives of your employees and your reputation are on the line, making the best decision is vital. Vistage helps you refine your instincts, improve your judgment and expand your perspectives in a confidential, agenda-free environment.

Better Results

Competition is stiffer and comes from all directions, making growth more challenging. Vistage members, however, operate at an advantage. According to a 2017 analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data, Vistage member companies grew 2.2 times faster than average small and medium-sized U.S. businesses.

Vistage International is the world’s leading chief and senior executive organization. Every month, over 22,000 members across the world attend action-oriented peer advisory board meetings with like-minded leaders in their local geography. Vistage is where leaders learn to ask and answer challenges presented in their businesses.

Are you a CEO in the Raleigh Triangle who is looking to make the leap from good to great? Are you ready to get unstuck?
If yes, contact Jim Sexton today for more information on Vistage peer advisory groups and what they can do for you.

A recent D&B report shows that Vistage member companies experience, on average, a 3X faster growth rate than other businesses in their industries.